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Johan Hermann...

...still the best at finding the perfect hunt!


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January 2013 in Reno I met two gentleman, both grandfathers from Oregon, they wanted to hunt buffalo.

They visited the booth every day, but at the end of the show they were still undecided, what a disappointment. But two months later...


Please note that we will be attending the following shows

DALLAS                    -                9 – 12 January 2014       
HOUSTON - 17 – 19 January 2014
SHEEP SHOW IN RENO - 22 – 25 January 2014
- 31 – 1 February 2014
SCI - 05 – 8 February 2014



In Recent News:

We just finished a great safari with Mr. Dillon and his friend Sherry, great time was had by all.
We had lions around camp every night and could see when tracking the buffalo that they were on the menu. We encountered buffalo every day and saw some beauties. We saw a really big monster but unfortunately we just could not get a shot at this bull. We hunted hard for the rest of the safari looking for this bull but could not manage to find him. The second to last day we found two sets off dugga boy tracks in the area we saw the bull so we decided to follow. We found the bulls, unfortunately he was not there but we found this great bull and Mr. Dillon made a great shot on him


 For many years I've been trying to get Natasha to do a hunt with me,but she always
had an excuse,the kids,no time and not really interested. Well the kids got
bigger and last year I started to school Lone' and Brenda both of them are very
natural with guns and I had no problem...READ MORE


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Albert Gutierrezin's trophy hunt.